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[Typescript, Angular, Ionic, C#, .NET];

public Developer maeve;

[, , .NET, ]


A bit about professional me...

3 years experience as a software engineer, 2 years as an IT analyst.

I enjoy creating beautiful, powerful and user-friendly front-ends and want to grow in this direction. I'm a fast learner and like being able to quickly master the right solution for the problem.


At Kingswood, developed a Ionic3/Angular5 from scratch with my team, now the flagship app of the company. Added libraries to the .NET backend to manage and exchange customer data.

At King, I developed the backend API for a new game feature (Java), and made tools to make game level management easier for designers (AngularJS and Spring).

At SSE Airtricity, I developed a web platform for managing regulatory submissions (Python Flask), greatly increasing the ease with which submissions could be managed.

I have a Masters in Computer Science from University College Dublin GPA of 3.77 (90%).

...and a bit about me

Coding && (Design and UX)

(Read || practice || build || take courses) on topics (I’m rusty on || lacking depth in || want to know more about).

Science and Technology

Science books & tech websites (or viceversa).

Mountaineering | Climbing | Skiing | Mountain biking

I live in the Pyrenees and get out to the mountains whenever I can. This winter, I split my time between the ski hill and ski mountaineering. In summer, I hike, bike and climb. Qualified climbing instructor.


I'm a native English speaker and also speak fluent Spanish and French.

Some Projects

SkiLog app in Angular11 to keep track of my ski days this season; I wanted to create a responsive table. Later formed a template for a similar project in my job. View Code

Gamified fitness app for Android. The best bit was crafting an app from scratch that reflected a bit of me. Super fun. View Code


My dog Lola